0709151024eWhat is your purpose in life? I believe ours is to “glorify God”. Without this purpose, what is the meaning of life and business? I have fallen short of this purpose many times in my life, but we have to get back up and brush ourselves off and return to the purpose. It’s what gets us up in the morning, and what drives us to be successful. Success isn’t necessarily wealth as man measures wealth. Success is having a right relationship with our creator. If we serve the purpose we were created for, we will be successful as God measures success.

Obviously if a business isn’t successful financially they will not survive. We believe that treating people as we want to be treated will be a part of the key to success financially. Matthew: 7:12.

I am blessed to have the privilege of leading this company.  It’s a responsibility that isn’t taken lightly. We have come through the fire -literally- and the dross has been removed. We understand our purpose.

Tim Kuhns- Kuhns Lumber