Timber Management

As a landowner it is critical that you make the right decisions for your woodlands before it’s too late!

Timber management with Kuhns Lumber is the right choice!

The Kuhns Difference:

• Assisting landowners manage their woodlands for over 50 years.

• Passionate about the environment and wildlife management.

• Dedicated to being wise stewards of our timber resources.

• Harvesting your timberland ethically and responsibly

• Making total use of every log harvested from your woodlands

• Maximizing your income and forest regeneration potential

• Implementing Best Management Practices to ensure we protect the environment

• Committed to keeping the environment healthy for future generations

• Monitoring the sale from pre-harvest through post-harvest cleanup

• Understanding the importance of a well managed forest


Our professionally trained forestry staff and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) trained loggers

will manage your woodlands by incorporating the highest environmental standards and guidelines.

Kuhns Lumber Timber Management Services:

apicforthetimbermanagementsite• Timber stand evaluation and harvesting

• Assistance for the landowner to create a long-term management plan

• Selectively marking trees based on the customer’s objectives

• Locate the past survey evidence to find boundary line establishment

• Professional monitoring of the sale from pre-harvest through post-harvest

• Post-harvest cleanup according to erosion and sedimentation regulations

• Wildlife habitat, aesthetic, and recreational improvements


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