Our mulch is the ground cover of choice for professional landscapers and nurseries throughout the east.

“Your #1 source for non-recycled natural landscape mulches.”

Whether you chose our Natural Mulch, Colorfast Mulch, Certified Playground Surfacing or Filtrex Fiber, 

you will be receiving a product that is 100% eco-friendly.

  • What are our mulches made of?

Our natural mulches are made from 100% hardwood and softwood bark, while our colorfast mulches are made from all natural wood fibers.  These ingredients are the by-products from our sawmills which are manufactured year round giving the raw material the proper time for aging.  We take great pride in making total use of every log harvested for our sawmill and being one of few manufacturers with full control of the ingredients in our mulch products.

  • What bulk products do we offer?

We offer:  Natural Hardwood, Natural Hemlock, Natural Pine, Colorfast Red, Colorfast Black, Colorfast Brown, Certified Playground Surfacing and Filtrex Fiber.

  • Is the dye in our colorfast mulch safe for plants, animals and humans?

Yes, all colorants used in our colorfast mulches are safe.  The dyes are made of a mix of all natural color pigments. You can trust in the safety of our colored mulches. 

  • Is our playground surfacing a certified product?

Yes, Kuhns Lumber Co.’s playground safety surfacing is IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) certified to conform with ASTM 1292 (head impact criteria).  It is also compliant to ASTM 1951 (wheelchair accessibility). You can see all of our certifications and information about them here:

IPEMA Certification


                       PLAYGROUND MULCH INQUIRIES

  • What shipping/purchasing options are available?

We have plenty of inventory on hand, so availability is never a problem.  We can deliver 50-90 cubic yards depending on product, with your choice of walking floor trailers, dump trailers or tri-axles.  Is your business located out of state?  This is not a problem for us, we are currently delivering tractor trailer load quantities of our products into NY, NJ, DE & MD.  We also allow pick-up of our products directly at our saw mill in Lewisburg, PA (5 yard minimum quantity).

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