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Would you like to be put in the drawing for a free $30 Lowe’s gift card? We don’t really know anyone who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that! It’s easy and free to enter, all you have to do is complete a quick and confidential survey about firewood products! We are conducting a Kuhns Lumber Co. […]

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Do you follow Kuhns Lumber?! There will be a wonderful giveaway opportunity again soon and in order to stay up to date with all of these activities, we want you to be able to follow Kuhns Lumber! Now, you can interact with us on Facebook and Pinterest! On our Facebook, you will find pictures and […]

Kuhns Lumb...

Polewood is being accepted at  our Lewisburg, PA yard. Requirements: This polewood is required to have a 6 inch minimum small end, be reasonably straight, and be 12 foot and longer. In order to get Premium pricing, you must have a Kuhns Lumber Company employee sign your ticket. Species and Pricing: We are accepting red maple, ash, and cherry as well […]