Diana HettingerKuhns Lumber Co. Facebook Giveaway Time!

I’m sure we have all seen the weather warnings by now, apparently we are getting snow! The Kuhns Lumber family would like to challenge you to a game! Whoever can guess (to 1/8th of an inch) just how much snow we will get at 434 Swartz Road in Lewisburg, PA will get a free bundle of firewood! Make your way over to our  Kuhns Lumber Facebook Page and comment on the original post!

OH! But do not forget the rules!
1. You can only guess one time.
2. There can not be more than one person with the same number, anyone with a repeating number will not be counted. Whoever puts the number first claims it.
3. You have to get as close as you can to 1/8th of an inch of the snowfall amount without going OVER.
4. Make your guesses on the original Kuhns Lumber post, only the posts on the original post will count!
This challenge begins now and ends on Sunday, January 24th.

Keep an eye on our Facebook for the measurement of the amount of snow we received! We will message the winner on Monday.

Happy guessing and stay safe!

Steve Buss Kuhns Lumber Firewood Winner

Update on our Facebook Giveaway!


Thank you to everyone who participated.

We had so much fun waiting for the snow and seeing who would guess the closest!

On Sunday, Vicki Hoffman (along with her daughter and friend) measured the snow for our team!

With an exact guess of 3 3/8 inches, Steve Buss is our winner!